general trading

AXE is active in trading in various fields and welcomes new projects and partnerships based on potential, competence and efficiency. In addition to specializing in mining products trading, AXE has introduced globally-recognized products into domestic markets, going through with the original business idea that we contribute to the development of the domestic market and the entire local industry sectors.

your best partner

we grow together continuously with our customers

Through continuous product R&D, AXE has been striving to provide the best resources; competitive price which comes from careful product selection suitable to work environment in consideration of maximizing productivity, differentiated and detailed services and speedy shipment services.

AXE focus on customers’ feedbacks and accordingly, and is comfortable to evolve in order to create brand-new values based on our pioneer spirit. We promise to keep our business customs that we always be your friendly and sincere partner and promise to do our best so that we can grow together continuously with our customers.


We appreciate for your continuous interest and support.